A quick Congratulations for Dave Neihaus on his Hall of Fame selection and Ford C. Frick award. [172 words]

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Congratulations to Dave Niehaus. This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy or a more beloved Seattle icon, on his birthday no less! I moved to Seattle almost exactly when the Mariners started their franchise and Dave helped turn me from a young Orioles fan into a rabid Mariners fan. Thanks Dave.

Read about Dave Neihaus being named to Cooperstown
- Everett Herald, AP Story.

"Dave Niehaus is the heartbeat of Mariners baseball," Hall of Fame president Dale Petroskey said. "Since Day One, he has painted a picture of baseball and summer in Seattle better than anyone ever has.

"Every Mariners fan knows his style and signature calls such as 'My, oh my!' and 'It will fly away!' By virtue of his talent, dedication, and professionalism, he has earned his rightful place among the elite broadcasters in baseball history in receiving the 2008 Ford C. Frick Award. We are looking forward to welcoming Dave and his family in Cooperstown this summer." Hall of Fame.

That’s awesome. Thank you sir. Thank you for your infectious passion.

2008 Ford C. Frick Award Winner Dave Niehaus
- Baseball Hall of Fame

Dave Neihaus & Ken Griffy Jr

Dave Neihaus & Ken Griffey Jr. From the Corner of Edgar & Dave, Mariners Blog

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