Political rambling in Spring 2016, long before the country elected the bane of our existence. Bernie fans who voted for him (instead of the nominee), against his wishes, helped enormously. [430 words]

Some Bern-ing Thoughts


Another two-to-one State victory for Bernie Sanders tonight in two of the whitest states with tiny delegate counts, netting his campaign only six delegates. Leaving him trailing by 300 - 700 delegates depending on whether you're pretending super delegates don't exist.

Look, I think Larry David, er Sen. Sanders, is doing a great job as a populist 'barometer' of the young and for idealists but in the end - he is what he is - a protest candidate, a successful one at that. He was never meant to compete; this was and remains Hillary's turn.

If you're a Bernie fan, you aren't buying my negative prognosis because there's still hope and that's everyone's prerogative. But, let's look back to the last time the Democrats had an actual primary, 2008. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, Mike Gravel & Dennis Kucinich all competed. Throw Bernie in there and try imagining him surviving the cut to the top two? Being honest? Really? Only Mike Gravel possibly had less name recognition than Bernie.

This year the DNC barely even bothered rounding up the troops. Lincoln Chaffee? Malley? Who? Jim Webb lasted half a debate before realizing he's still a Republican. Senator Sanders announced his run at a coffee break with minimal fanfare, then gained traction and helped the Democrats remove the 'label' of coronation from Hillary's eventual nomination. Hillary stumbled gathering her footing, some Dems joined the GOP in tearing into her brand and da Bern gained more traction.

But this year is, of course, different. Name recognition is going to be measured across the aisle against a reality TV firebrand/sociopath and Sanders is just too far behind in the world of the politically uninterested. Da Bern also has an obvious weakness with minority voters. I doubt this has much to do with Bernie's positions and everything to do with trust in the Clinton brand and well-established name recognition. The Clinton's have spent decades in the headlines and also making policy. His political run for President started too late in my opinion. Why didn't Bernie play the Kucinich role in previous elections? Where has he been?

Too little too late and the stakes are too important. It's time to put a little aloe on that Bern and appreciate that he has helped pull Hillary to the left and engaged millions of voters in the process.

I know lots won't agree. That's ok too!

For the record, I'll be voting for whomever keeps the GOP out of the White House and away from nominating Supreme Court justices. Join me, won't you?

2008 Democratic Primary field

2008 Democrat Primary field

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