June ends with some fun bloomers showing off while others are still on the way. A quick bloom check is in progress. [98 words, 14 ]

July 2017 Bloom Report


It's barely Summer and it feels much more like late Spring. Annuals are in full swing. Many perennials are out with their first blast of blooms while others continue to store energy.

I'm always trying out new plants and this year is no exception. The corner with the huge Marigold is still in flux as I'd prefer to find a perrenial there. The orange lily continues to spread each year from the scrappy little potted plant I impulse purchased from Hmart. I continue to be fond of Dianthus as a perennial.

Get out and play in the dirt!

Thanks For Reading!

I'm always humbled when someone like you spends their valuable time reading something I scribbled. Thanks much.

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