A spot-check on the shape of my garden/landscaping as we head through Fall towards what hopefully will be a mild winter. [121 words, 22 ]

It's 70° in Late October


Before the weather turned frosty, I wanted to get out and document some of the remaining flower stragglers in my garden. Keeping the focus tight allowed me to hide the trappings of fall decay that dominate the vista. The Fall/Winter seasons are a welcome, natural part of a garden's cycle but we can still savor the last gasps of Summer.

Soon it is time to mulch, plant a few bulbs for Spring and clean up all the untidiness. It's worthwhile to remind myself to keep intermittantly watering when the weather isn't doing enough for me. Even in Fall/Winter plants can get too dry, perhpas stunt them for next year, or worse. Get out there and play in the dirt!

Thanks For Reading!

I'm always humbled when someone like you spends their valuable time reading something I scribbled. Thanks much.

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