‘Micro-Fiction’ contest, 110 word count. Several topics listed. I chose "angry dog" and made it the name of the town. [108 words]

Perro Enojado


The sweaty man with desperate eyes slides over a silver dollar.

"Read it back to me."

Dear Mr. Beaumont. Situation too hot STOP Getting supplies then heading back to McGinty’s Ranch STOP Will pick up strong box STOP Repeat will pick up strong box STOP Too dangerous for you to come STOP Will meet you in Abilene three weeks hence STOP Dusty

Dusty sighs, checks his boots then looks up. "Send it."

He peers outside before stepping into a muddy street.

Gunshot. Thud. A woman screams.

"Yes, gringo, Perro Enojado is a mucho dangerous town."

I pocket the crumpled telegram, close shop and head to McGinty’s.

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