Welcome to my Web site, generally heralded as 3x more effective than over the counter sleep aids. To the right you will find the menu, while below you will find the latest updates to the Web site. The purpose of this site is to consolidate all of my various Web ventures into one convenient portal. Your comments and input are appreciated.

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New Life & Times of Craig Post
Point White Dock
I occasionally complain about living in the same place I grew up. In fact, if my kids didn't live here, I surely wouldn't either. But, there is one thing that is pretty special about living here, sharing the same experiences I had ...
New Life & Times of Craig Post
Seafair '08
Seafair is here, loud boats, loud planes and lots and lots of people. We headed out for our yearly mecca to Lake Washington to see the most powerful race boats and the most powerful planes in the world. The weather was perfect ...
New Aberrant Raillery Blog Post
Every Mountain Starts with a Molehill

While discussing the following story about Barney Frank's new bill, HR 5843, a question was posed, "Why are they wasting their time on this if they know it will fail?" My answer to this is ‘every mountain starts with a molehill’. ...
New Web Site added under 'My Hobbies'
Kyle's Writing Links
A new list of links which revolve around writing short stories and poetry. Help me add to the list, or check back for tips on your writing.
New Chittick.com Library Addition
Ask and She Shall Receive
Johnny reminded himself that giving a woman exactly what she asks for rarely turned out well for him. He wouldn't have thought a slow-pitch softball game would provide an occasion for him to step on a 'female logic' land-mine...
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