Seattle's tech boom was in full swing. I had finished my contract with Microsoft and was scooped up soon thereafter to work at Cole & Weber Advertising for their Nestlé account. [318 words]

Cole & Weber Advertising

Cole & Weber remains a high-end Advertising agency based in Seattle, WA, with clients ranging from NIKE & K2, to the Seahawks, Washington State Lottery, SAGE, Regence and more. In 1998, Nestlé was one of their clients and work was underway on a complete Corporate site redesign.

What I Did

As the sole front-end developer on Nestlé.com, I worked exclusively with the Artist who was still designing while we developed. The project manager was comfortable allowing the Artist to drive, while I kept up. Typical front-end development was required to translate the Photoshop files into a working Web site with appropriate connections to select back-end components. The three month contract went quickly and Nestlé.com looked and worked to expectations on launch day.

What I Learned

One lesson that I never forgot was that testing people sometimes requires seeing how they adjust under pressure. The last interview I attended for the position included a live 'test' where applicants were asked to take a Photoshop file and turn it into a Web page. You were given one hour. The catch was that five minutes into the effort, you realize it will take at least three hours to complete the work. You were judged on not only your progress but how you organized the components you had completed and your development process. I always found that fascinating.

Why Aren't I Still Working There?
I was exclusively hired to develop and launch the Nestlé.com Corporate Web site. Once that completed successfully, my contract was ended. It wasn't long before my technology adventure continued at US West Creative Services.

11.1998 - 02.1999

Cole & Weber

Cole & Weber Advertising
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What Tools Did I Use
CSS, HTML, JS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, MS Office, Telnet/FTP/SFTP, TextPad

What Skills Did I Employ
Front-end Developer

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