After a year at WSU and a year full-time at the Marine Exchange, wanderlust took over and off to Alaska I went to turn my white collar blue. A decade as a commercial fisherman followed. [425 words, 8 ]

Commercial Fisherman

Growing up on Bainbridge Island, WA, a majority of recent High School grads either went off to college, or worked in the maritime industry, typically fishing in Alaska. I decided to try both. Much to my surprise, life at sea pulled harder and I spent the next decade 'living the life', as we would say.

What I Did

I worked hard, harder than I thought I could. My job was to help process the thousands of pounds of fish the boat caught daily, trasferring product from live caught to the freezer hold for eventual offload/sale. Should you actually know enough about the industry to talk about what I did specifically, feel free to ask.

Over the decade, I was privileged to visit many places reminiscent of earlier centuries. Places like Adak, Cold Bay, Unalaska & Dutch Harbor (which finally paved their runway during my tenure). We took a trip south and fished off of New Zealand and Antarctica in 1992, while spending time in Lyttelton & Christchurch.

What I Learned

So many life lessons were driven home with no encouragement other than truth. An example includes judging others exclusively on their work ethic. Fishing boats are loaded with crew from every corner of the world and many former walks-of-life. Stereotypes are put aside, there are no excuses on a fishing boat, you work or you go home. You are not sick unless you are bleeding.

You learn that you can push the physical limits of your body much farther than you thought. You learn the value of a focused team with a mutual goal. We were paid by percentage, not hours/salary, further bonding co-workers, galvanizing morale and creating a collective, community atmosphere.

Why Aren't I Still Working There?
The easy answer is that I turned thirty and the daily handfuls of Advil it took to finish contracts wasn't worth it. I had rediscovered computers the past few years during time off and this new thing called the Internet looked like it might not just be a fad. I was intrigued.

1987 - 1997

MV Ocean Rover in Seattle

M/V Snow King via Royal Seafoods

M/V Royal Princess via Aurora Fisheries

M/V Royal Sea via Royal Seafoods

M/V Ocean Rover via Birting Fisheries

What Tools Did I Use
Crane, Forklift, various Fish Processing equipment

What Skills Did I Employ
Endurance, Labor, Perseverance.


A quick assortment of old fishing photos.

M/V Snow King at Pier 91 Seattle

M/V Snow King at Pier 91 Seattle

M/V Royal Sea

M/V Royal Sea, Captains Bay, Unalaska, AK. Myself and an old friend.


Deckhands watch a 'bag' of Alaskan Pollock being pulled up the ramp.


Pulling the 'zipper' releases the tons of fish into the live tanks below deck.

Company-specific Telogical Database Interface

M/V Ocean Rover at City Dock, Dutch Harbor, AK.

Gear rolled up, heading for new grounds.

Gear rolled up, heading for new grounds.

Delta Western Fuel Dock, Dutch Harbor, AK.

Delta Western Fuel Dock, Dutch Harbor, AK.

A moderate storm south of New Zealand.

A moderate storm south of New Zealand.

I Appreciate Your Time

Thanks for taking a moment to visit and read about some of my experiences.

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