Working with US West provided exciting opportunities to work on some larger, high-end projects and the comprehensive project for the new Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado was one such effort. [289 words, 2 ]

The Pepsi Center

The Pepsi Center is a world-class sports arena in Denver, CO. US West Creative Services) was hired to create the external, public Web site, an internal intranet, and the kiosk software which was installed on touch screens in all the luxury suites at the stadium.

What I Did

My specific duties for this project was to learn and execute the kiosk software to program the touchscreen interface of the luxury suite kiosks where customers would order amenities, refreshments and peruse relevant information. Working with the artist and the programming lead, the process went very well and the clients were exceptionally happy with the team's efforts. These kiosks were quite cutting-edge in 2000.

What I Learned

My main takeaway was a reinforcement of my belief in my ability to figure things out. I had been volunteered for the project and subsequently picked to be the "Master Wrapper" (an unfortunate nickname during the project). My job was to figure out the new software which would run the kiosks and failure wasn't an option; I would figure it out or be replaced by someone who could. I ending up loving it but I still cannot remember its name.

Why Aren't I Still Working There?
My role in the project was completed after the Pepsi Center opened to the public. The clients were ecstatic but eventually the Pepsi Center moved their maintenance support.

1999 - 2000

The Pepsi Center

The Pepsi Center

via US West Creative Services

What Tools Did I Use
Kiosk Programming Software

What Skills Did I Employ
Front-end Developer, Kiosk Software Developer.


An original screen shot and some project swag the team was sent.

Pepsi Center External site

Homepage of the original External site.

Pepsi Center photo

Framed photo the team received post-launch from US West/Qwest.

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