Created templates for several Warren Miller film Web sites such as, "Children of Winter", "Impact" and "Playground", and helped craft a coupon redemption site for movie goers. [233 words, 4 ]

Warren Miller Enterprises

Mountain Sports Media chose Peak Systems to assist with a suite of Warren Miller Web sites they managed and/or needed created. Several film-specific sites were needed as well as updates to their corporate site, but most innovative was a system which tied a coupon redemption Web site with ticket holders to Warren Miller films.

What I Did

My responsibilities were Front-end Development of several of the sites, preparing templates for back-end integration from supplied Artist files. Typical back-and-forth with client and artist was required.

What I Learned

The coupon-redemption system showed how physical marketing can effective cross-over to the digital side. Their coupon site is still in use last time I looked. I also learned that I was a huge fan of Warren Miller's films! I started watching and I lost count as to how many years ago.

Why Aren't I Still Working There?
This was just one of many projects I worked on contractually with Peak Systems. My part in Warren Miller ended during 2008. The contract between Peak Systems and Warren Miller eventually ended.

2004 - 2008

Warren Miller Enterprises

Warren Miller Enterprises

via Peak Systems

What Tools Did I Use
Dreamweaver, Photoshop, TextPad, MS Office.

What Skills Did I Employ
Front-end Developer, Project Manager.


Two screen shots of the Web site for Warren Miller's Impact (home/sub-page template) and another two from movie specific coupon redemption sites.

Warren Miller Impact

Home page for the 2004 Warren Miller Impact Movie Web site.

Warren Miller Impact

Sub page template for the 2004 Warren Miller Impact Web site.

Warren Miller Children of Winter

2007 Warren Miller's Playground Coupon Redemption Site

Warren Miller Children of Winter

2008 Warren Miller's Children of Winter Coupon Redemption Site

I Appreciate Your Time

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