Fresh from North Seattle Community College's Multimedia Technology program, I joined a now-defunct Temp agency and was immediately sent to Microsoft to work on Sidewalk.com. [243 words]


Microsoft is obviously known world over for many products and services. The division I was contracted to worked exclusively on Sidewalk.com, the city-based search site which sold in 1999 to CitySearch (which still exists today). I worked at the Microsoft Red West campus.

What I Did

My time was spent essentially as Quality Control. I reviewed pages assigned to me from someone in the previous stage of workflow, edited anything out-of-place (if applicable), then passed my approved pages to the person in the next stage via the same tool. We met once a week to discuss overall progress but mostly work was done in isolated offices with communication happening via IM/Email.

What I Learned

This was my introduction to workflow applications and I found process agrees with me. Microsoft was big, really big. My tenure there seemed disjointed and impersonal. I learned that I liked tighter groups where everyone feels like part of the team.

What Tools Did I Use
A proprietary internal tool which added workflow to their HTML FrontPage product

Why Aren't I Still Working There?
My contract was controlled by the Temp agency and after several months, my services were no longer required for Sidewalk.com. Another opportunity awaited at Cole & Weber.

September - November 1998



What Skills Did I Employ
HTML knowledge, Quality Control, Work-Flow.

I Appreciate Your Time

Thanks for taking a moment to visit and read about some of my experiences.

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