Already being a vendor to Peak Systems for over a decade, there was no significant change to our relationship when they rebranded as UpTop in 2015. Various projects & maintenance efforts ensued and continue today. [370 words]

UpTop Corporation

UpTop is a UX design and app development company based in Seattle, WA. They engineer mobile and web applications, transactional websites, business intelligence solutions and more. Formerly known as Peak Systems, their rebrand to UpTop found us continuing our existing partnership without complication.

What I Do

The majority of time spent with UpTop since 2015 revolved around co-managing the CenturyLink Wholesale account and the assigned Web team. Technically, a hybrid Manager/Developer role, I also updated various Web sites as required. Over that period, I managed the successful six-month VMAP Rehosting project, where the team upgraded and rehosting 18 legacy Cold Fusion applications.

Over that time and currently today, I continue to assist UpTop with other Web site maintenance needs via HTML, WordPress and back-end Admin pages. I often act as the UpTop client representative and/or manager as the need dictates.


What I Learned

As much as I love developing and maintaining Web sites I learned I still love project & team management just as much. Communicating with team members across the globe has never been easier with today's technology.

Education never stops and the IT world is no exception. Recently, some UpTop projects have me learning the world of email marketing through programs like Drip, PipeDrive and various integrations with WordPress, Google Analytics, Eventbrite, etc. So far it has been fascinating!

Am I Still Working There?
I still perform various services and contracts with UpTop. Since January, 2019, I have been implementating an extensive corporate site initiative to better represent available services and working to insitute standards of consistency. Various email marketing duties via Drip & Pipedrive are also involved.

2015 - current


UpTop Corporation
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What Tools Did I Use
Analytics, CenturyLink internal tools, CSS3, DocuWiki, Dreamweaver, Drip, FlexMLS, GitLab, GoToMeeting, GlobalMeet, Hangout, HTML5, IDX Broker, JS, Mantis, MS Office, Nagios, Open Graph protocol, Photoshop, PipeDrive, Redmine, Remedy, Remote Desktop, Search Console, Skype, Slack, Telnet/FTP/SFTP, TextPad, WordPress.

What Skills Did I Employ
Client Relations, Email Marketing, Front-end Developer, IDX Manager, Project Manager, Wiki Manager, WordPress Developer.

I Appreciate Your Time

Thanks for taking a moment to visit and read about some of my experiences.

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